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Innocations in Graphical systems design

September 7 2013: National Instruments recognized and honoured Indian innovators in  graphical system design at  the NI Days conference in Bangalore earlier  this week, with NI Application of the Year awards.  The awards were given away by NI Founder-CEO Dr  James Truchard Victor Mieres, VP Emerging Markets and Jayaram Pillai, MD India,  India/Russia/Arabia . 
Here are the winning
teams in  the four categories

Overall winner  and winner in the System category :Development of 1 m Hypersonic wind tunnel Control, Networking, Dataacquisition system and graphical display system:  VSSC; Manoj Kumar Singh, PG Raveendran, Vargeese Jacob, S Pandian, Deepa S Pa
SME category: Winner- Pre and Post Rehabilitation Testing and Monitoring of a Rail Over Bridge: 21SHM:  Yogesh Sinh and Abhay Bhambole.

Runner up : Advanced Irrigation Scheduling for Sustainable Agriculture: Fluxgen Engineering; Hari D.K., Tejas Kumar, Lokesh Voleti, Ganesh Shankar

- Winner Development of a NI-PXIe controlled Solar/Waste Heat driven Adsorption Desalination and Cooling (ADC) System: IISC ; Pramod Kumar, Saurav   Mitra, Divya Agarwal; Bangalore and
Academics- Winner: Using LabVIEW to develop Bio-inspired Machine Learning Model for security in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN): IIT Jodhpur; Heena Rathore

Alliance Member
- Auto Synchronized Multi Avionics Protocol Data Bus Acquisition System: Captronic Systems; Swati Poduval,  Premraj S Moily, Omkar Nagendra, Justin Thomas, Supreeth
Runner up: RF Test and Measurement Solutions for Multi-Standard Multi-Carrier Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting Signals; MaxEye Technologies;  Ramesh Krishnan Narayanan