Jio launches AirFiber services

19th September 2023
Jio launches AirFiber services

Mumbai,  September 19  2023: Jio, the world’s largest private mobile data network, today announced the launch of JioAirFiber services, its integrated end-to-end solution for home entertainment, smart home services and high-speed broadband, across 8 metro cities.
Jio's optical fiber infrastructure spans over 1.5 million kilometres across India. Jio’s extensive optical-fiber presence puts Jio in close proximity to over 200 million premises. Yet, providing physical last-mile connectivity often ends up taking a lot of time in most parts of our country. This leaves millions of potential customers without home broadband, due to the complexities and delays involved in extending optical-fiber to their premises.This is where JioAirFiber comes in, to accelerate connectivity in premises.

Akash Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, said, “Our extensive fiber-to-the-home service JioFiber, already serves over 10 million customers, with hundreds of thousands more getting connected each month. But there are still millions of homes and small businesses to be connected at a rapid pace.With JioAirFiber, we are expanding our addressable market to rapidly cover every home in our country with similar quality of service. JioAirFiber will enable millions of homes with world-class digital entertainment, smart home services and broadband, through its solutions across education, health, surveillance and smart home.”


All leading 550+ Digital TV Channels: All your favourite TV channels available in high-definition
Catch-up TV: Users can now go back as long as they want and pull out their favourite shows
The most popular 16+ OTT Apps: JioAirFiber users get free access to the leading OTT apps. Users can also utilize this subscription and use the apps across any device of their choice such as TV, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet.
Indoor WiFi Service: Jio’s reliable WiFi connectivity and high-speed broadband experience in every corner of your house or business premise.
 Home Devices at no additional cost:
a.     WiFi router for ubiquitous coverage in your home or business premise
b.     4k Smart Set Top Box
c.      Voice-active remote