Syska launches travel adaptors

March 19, 2023: Syska Accessories has launched the GaN Pro travel adapter. The compact and lightweight solution in multiple variants provides fast and efficient charging for multiple devices simultaneously.
All the variants of the adapters offer short-circuit protection for enhanced safety during fluctuations while charging.
Both variants of 65W offer advanced temperature control along with overcurrent protection.
The Syska 33W travel adapter comes with a 3.5A Type-C to Type-C cable that enables fast charging up to 3.5A output. The 20W and 33W adapters provide flexibility to use multiple devices simultaneously as it has dual ports (PD+USB) that offer convenience and fast charging.
The adapters have been incorporated with over-temperature protection, overvoltage protection, ensuring the safety of the devices during voltage spikes.
The Syska travel adapters can be purchased exclusively from Flipkart at the following prices – 20W is available for Rs. 899, 33W is available for Rs. 1,999, 65W(GN65R) is available for Rs. 2,499 and 65W(GN65CR) is available for Rs. 2,999. However, to qualify as a true travel device, the chargers needed a choice of international plugs which they don’t have.
As the world has returned to normal, the frequency of travel has increased, resulting in a surge in demand for charging gadgets and adapters.