At Bangalore Tech Summit 2022

1. The AngulAir drone is tethered to its power supply module  seen at left
2. A general view of the tech summit this year
3. DRDO unveils its current slate of missiles
4. The SmartVision glasses help visually challenged to 'see' through voice prompts.  (photos 1,2,3: Anand Parthasarathy)
November 18 2022: The Bengaluru Tech Summit – for those who are ready to overcome some logistic hurdles – always turns up some serendipitous discoveries, some uplifting examples of Indian innovation. For a few days see a video on Smart Vision here
 This year was no exception and on the shortlist of this correspondent is a  tethered drone – which might seem to be the opposite of uplifting.  Drones have very limited flying time – limited by the batteries they can carry – so what do you do if you want to use drones for day-long inspection or surveillance over a small area? You tether it to a 100-metre-long cable and feed power continuously from the ground.  This is what Mangaluru-based Ispagro Robotics have done with their AngulAir Air Scout-1 drone which can operate for up to 8 hours continuously, before taking a break for cooling.  

Another made-in-India innovation comes from global healthcare engineering company SHG Technologies whose India engineers have developed Smart Vision, tech-enhanced eye-wear for the visually challenged, with help from a US-based NGO. When worn, the glasses alert the wearer of obstacles with spoken warnings, ‘recognizes’ persons through face recognition and tells who it is – and converts any text being read – in book or phone into an audio.  The promotional video shows H.Nagraj,  Manager at  a  State Bank of India branch in Bengaluru, using the Smart Vision glasses  and carrying out all his official duties.
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