Zoho's Arattai app may be an option for Whatsapp forsakers

January 14 2021: A beta version of a chat app created by Chennai-headquartered global ffice productivity software specialist, Zoho,   may be a viable option for those planning on  moving away from Whatsapp after recent privacy concerns.
The app, Arattai – chitchat in Tamil --   is expected to be formally launched in a few weeks  but  can be downloaded  from the Google Play Store  --  it  has already seen 50,000 downloads, without any publicity.
The app description reads:
Arattai is a simple, secure and free instant messaging app to connect with your family and friends!
Why use arattai?
Simple, easy to use: Messaging should be instant, simple, fun and arattai is just that! Create an account with your phone number.
Robust, secure: Application security is a key aspect in our offering.
Fast, reliable: Arattai is quick and the most reliable messaging app in terms of connectivity. This is possible with distributed architecture makes sure to give you only the best of experience always!
Privacy: Customer privacy is our number one priority. Arattai makes sure that your data is private and is accessible only by you!
Free, no ads: Arattai is free for a life-time, free from ads and will always be! There's just no other way.
Get together with your family and friends on arattai, fun and secure instant messaging app!

Zoho founder-CEO Sridhar Vembu  writes in Twitter: 'Our Arattai team asked me to not talk about our instant messaging app yet but since it is already being talked about  I guess I can talk too. This is a friends-and-family trial release. We will do a formal launch in a few weeks. We have a lot more in store. Stay tuned!'