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Gordian offers secure hyper local delivery of valuable items

December 3 2020: Security has always been considered a luxury in the logistics and delivery space whereas it has always been a necessity. Therefore, businesses/consumers who require secure deliveries have resorted to alternative means to fulfill this requirement in the form of utilizing their own delivery staff or premium courier services. Additionally, hyperlocal delivery companies are focused on low-value items such as food, groceries, pickup and drop of non-valuable items, that affects their unit economics causing several delivery companies to shut shop.
 Bangalore startup Gordian is   focused on providing businesses and consumers premium secure deliveries at affordable rates using IoT enabled devices. We strive to provide our customers with superior consumer experience, end to end traceability and accountability for their deliveries.
For instance, consider a scenario where you have forgotten your wallet at home, and you want to get it delivered. Can you think of a secure way to get it done currently?That is the problem Gordian will help you solve!
Gordian’s patent-pending devices are one-of-its-kind, lightweight, portable IoT enabled devices that use OTPs to unlock, provide real-time alerts, live tracking and internal cushioning.These devices enable businesses to secure all high value and confidential items during transit and protect them from damage while assuring accountability and tamper-free delivery.  The box is sized 11 x 7x11 inches and the maximum weight you can send  is 10 kgs
A dashboard isprovided to monitor all the devices real-time and get extensive reports including timestamps and GPS locations of the unlocks made at pick up and drop which are extremely crucial for businesses whose risks and rewards are directly affected by the proof of delivery.
Gordian hastwo business models in place to ensure that depending on the customer’s use-case, they derive maximum value. Under the first model, they  have monthly subscription plans where businesses rent out the devices and get complete control over it along with a dedicated dashboard wherein they can access the devices, manage their deliveries, get real-time alerts and access reports.
The second model is a pay per use model where they provide secure deliveries as a service.
Businesses can place an order on their web portal and can get a secure delivery at affordable prices and get complete information pertaining to the delivery including timestamps and GPS locations of the device unlocks.
In this model, they also tie up with other hyperlocal delivery companies on a revenue-sharing model to provide a larger number of businesses with secure deliveries.
They take orders through our website now but plan on launching an application in the months to come.
The  operations are currently limited to Bangalore, but they  are hoping to provide secure delivery services in other metros as well.
Gordian is the intiative of  founder-CEO Prajwal Ajay a chartered accountant and Dhanush Gowda, Operations Head, a mechanical engineer