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Small wonder!

The Amani  powerbank packs 10,000 mAh into a very small package
January 13 2020: We are forced to carry power banks with us,  when we travel for any length of time because few smart phones these days,  deliver a full day's performance  without a recharge. Blame it on  heavy  apps like YouTube and always-on Internet.  So a power bank that offers a 10,000 mAh charge -- equal to three standard phone batteries -- and  still packs them into a palm-sized 210 gram frame is good news. The Amani Type ASP-AM110  is all this, thanks to  using Lithium Polymer rather than Lithium Ion cells.
This is the new trend and while the power-per- area is slightly lower, the solid polymer  makes it  very light weight and  experts say this technology is safer and not explosion-prone like Li-Ion. There are 2 USB ports for charging two devices  simultaneously, at 1A and 2A,  but the output  is the standard microUSB 'A'  and  if your phone  uses  Type 'C', you will  need an adapter.  A small disadvantage, but otherwise excellent value at Rs   1119 at   


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