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Bigger is better!

Bangalore, November 6 2018: Caught in a sort of no-where-land between laptops and smartphones, tablet PCs,  as a form factor, have not quite  lived up to their hype. The answer may lie in the industry's  possibly flawed perception of the 'sweet spot'  in tablet size --   around  7 inches.
With phones  getting bigger  this year -- most flagships are nudging 6.4 inches --  buyers see no value in a device only slightly larger, and minus the superior cameras of a smartphone.   Samsung  has smaller tablets -- but its new model, Galaxy Tab A, brushes aside all comparisons with a phone, with a jumbo 10.5 inch screen. In fact  the mantra seems to be: big is beautiful. Hence a  hefty 7.3 mAh battery that is good to go for some 14 hours,  and four surround-sound speakers offering theatre-quality Dolby Atmos.
The cameras at  8 MP rear and 5 MP front are no competition for even middle-level phones, but that is a battle that has been lost sometime back.  I am somewhat surprised that Samsung has provided just 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of on board storage expandable by microSD with another 400 GB. Here is why:  This tablet's USP if one can guess is its role as an entertainer:  Indeed  I checked out some YouTubes and they looked and sounded great: so a little extra storage would have been handy. The Kids Mode will be useful for parents who give children  games-loaded tablets to keep them out of mischief.   The  screen  is sub-HD, again a compromise I cant quite understand. But the  sturdy  Samsung build, the latest Android Oreo and  the 4G SIM will probably persuade buyers that the asking price,  a whisker short of Rs 30,000, is   decent value. 


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