NeuroTags tell you if it's real

Bangalore, July 29 2018: Is that a real Gucci hand bag that looks so good in that discount sale  -- or is it a clever fake?  Yes, some  tools  promise to guarantee the genuine article:  hologram stickers - the type  some universities use  on degree certificates;  Special  QR codes or bar codes which you can scan.  But  the imitation industry has mastered how to fool such systems.
Now a trio of  techies -- Nitin Gupta, Yogesh Miharia and Abhishek Agarwal -- at the Pune -based  TezMinds has created a fool proof solution called NeuroTags which are embedded by the manufacturer into the genuine article.   The tag's QR code has two parts one which is open and can be scanned before purchase and another which is protected and can only be scanned by scratching open,  after purchase. This provides two levels of security. 
An Android or iOS app which helps scan the NeuroTag also manages the warranty and customer support.   The tag  helps the manufacturer monitor the entire stock where ever it is.  
Clothing, electrical and pharma companies are already using this made-in-India technology which promises 100% detection of counterfeits, Gupta  told IndiaTechOnline in a telephonic briefing..