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Intelligent geyser

The V-Guard Verano can be scheduled to match bath-time
Bangalore, March 12 2018:The storage-type water heater is a bathroom fixture in millions of home. It is also a serious  power guzzler -- and waster. Because it switches on and off all day to maintain   hot water temperature, reheating  the  tank multiple times even when there is no usage.  V-Guard  recently re-imagined the   product to launch what is claimed as India's first 'intelligent' water heate, Verano. It let's you set time and temperature from anywhere, using a mobile app, scheduling it to provide hot water only when you need it;   allowing multiple family members to  set their shower slots and  preferred temperature; it keeps an eye on the electricity  and even generates an estimate bill and self diagnoses problems to generate a service request. It is available in 15 litre and 25 litre sizes for  Rs 16,750 and Rs 19,000 respectively


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