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Zoho brings AI-based voice assistance to its CRM product

Bangalore, February 28 2018: Zoho, "the operating system for business" today launched  unveiled Zia Voice, the world's  first conversational Artificial Intelligence tool in the arena of customer relations management (CRM). 
It allows  sales teams to perform better by adding speech and chat capabilities to Zia, Zoho's AI-powered sales assistant. Zia can now also predict deal closures and analyze email sentiment. 
Says  Mani Vembu, COO, Zoho Corp: "Zia's enhanced AI capabilities will now help salespeople sell smarter, with contextual assistance and access customer information through a powerful voice and chat interface."
Key features of Zia Voice:
Interactive voice and chat-bot: From answering questions on everyday CRM information like new leads created, average deal revenue, or even monthly forecasts to practical traffic status, Zia converses with salespeople via simple chat and voice messages.
 Lead and Deal Prediction: Zia analyses interaction patterns and the progress of a lead or deal in the pipeline, and suggests the probability of its closure. This helps salespeople spend their time on deals that are more likely to close.
Email sentiment analysis: Zia makes sense out of the scores of emails that a salesperson might receive every day. Every email is analyzed to discover the relevant positive or negative sentiment. This helps salespeople identify critical emails and address them first.
Alerts for the best time to contact: Zia gives salespeople real-time updates about when they are most likely to reach their prospects. This increases their chance of connecting with leads and reduces the time spent on unanswered calls.

Sheryl Kingstone of 451 Research suggests: "We see these advancements in AI and voice recognition leading the way into the next transformation of business applications. Our recent research shows that 45% of the surveyed digital leaders are looking forward to use voice interface in the next 24 months."
In a telephonic interview with IndiaTechOnline, Vijay Sundaram, Chief Strategy Officer, Zoho,  said,  conversational AI would be progressively  integrated with other key tools that are part of Zoho One, the company's  office productivity platform.   He also explained that Catalyst,the  newly launched hyper-customization platform for Zoho CRM  would make it very easy for larger and complex businesses to build their own mobile and web apps and additions  to Zoho CRM, on existing Zoho infrastructure.
Zoho CRM is available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Edition ranging from ₹900-₹2,700/user/month, and the Ultimate Edition, catering specifically to large businesses, at ₹6,000/user/month.

For a few days  we have a video explaining Zia Voice in the tech video spot on our home page


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