Supercomputer in a box

Pune, February 22 2018: The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has launched PARAM Shavak,  a tabletop  "Supercomputing Solution in a Box".
It delivers up to 3.2  TeraFlops of  peak computing power and offers  8 TB of storage It comes pre installed with parallel programming development tools and libraries as well as tools for scheduling and resource management, video tutorials, and learning materials .
The system consists of 2 Intel Xeon CPUs each with minimum 12 cores along with two accelerator cards -- either Intel Xeon Phi or NVIDIA GP-GPU. The entire configuration is available in a single server in a table top model.|
Param Shavak targets research organizations and academic institutions that want to  address High Performance Computing (HPC) tasks in engineering and academia at minimal infrastructural cost.
The system comes with most of the features that can be found in a full blown HPC clusters job schedulers, compilers, parallel libraries, resource managers and commonly used HPC applications in engineering   scientific domains etc.
Supporting tools include  the indigenously developed Onama -- a set of HPC-enabled  Open Source  and freeware tools in engineering - and CHReME,  an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) to exploit HPC resources with minimum complexity.
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