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Turn your thoughts into art

Bangalore, February 11 2018: Crafting some golden words? Use the YourQuote app to embellish them with voice or images. Launched by two IIT Delhi Alumni’s Harsh and Ashish, YourQuote serves as a platform for original content generation.
Here is a cool tool for self-expression and for sharing  of your opinions and experiences in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. Give new life to your quotes, tweets,  poems, shayari, jokes, haikus or whatever, by  entering them in a choice of styles and fonts,  using photos  or  stock images as background. You can even  create qa video of yourself, speaking or singing  the words. 
More usefully,  the help you reach a wide audience by making your work searchable on Google, while staking your claim as author. You can  share your work across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Reach the world with your own  thoughts  -- in your own language! 


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