Wireless Phone Chargers

Is your phone Qi-ready?
Bangalore, January 22 2018: Apple --  and increasingly Android --handsets are  ready  to recharge their batteries without wires.  Forget having to carry the right charging cable.   Charging pads are available from Rs 400 to Rs 4000  which you can keep permanently connected to the mains power.   Provided your phone  is Qi-enabled (the standard for wireless charging) you can just place it on the charging pad  to get a full charge  in an hour or so. Coils inside the pad, connect inductively with the Qi chip  to form the connection. Many Samsung Galaxy models;  IPhone  8, Iphone X,  Nexus,  Blackberry Priv and some others are Qi-ready.
You can also use wireless charge pads  on non-Qi phones, by buying a Qi  patch  for around Rs 350 and pasting it to the cover of your phone.

  • Belkin launched a "Boost Up"  5 watt Qi  charging pad in India recently costing Rs 2999. 
  • Cadyce launched a wireless charger for iPhone and Android this month.  
  • PTron from LatestOne.com   offered a  charger  for Rs 499 but it is currently unavailable.  

There are  other models at different price points   and levels of convenience. 
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