Social Media praises & pans Vishal Sikka

18th August 2017
Social Media praises & pans Vishal Sikka

Image:  Old Guard: the co-founders of Infosys. Third  from left is NR Narayana Murthy

August 18 2017: Within minutes of the official announcement that Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka had resigned, the tweets and Facebook posts flew as aam aadmi and techies  alike  had their say. A sampler:

With @vsikka leaving Infosys, as clear as can be Indian IT  approaching iceberg...yet its leaders are in denial
Infosys ka Sikka nahi chala. Sab Narayan ki maaya hai.
Vishal Sikka's resignation proves the pressure & the dark side of Indian IT sector! #Infosys #CEO
Vishal Sikka was never allowed to run Infosys the way he wanted. Mr. Murthy behaved as forever cynical and interfering mother-in-law.
 So is Vishal Sikka going back to his old job as Mr Bean?
Vishal Sikka steps down from Infosys... Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! 
He is no longer a Vishal Sikka for Infosys anymore, just another sikka.
(compiled by Vishnu Anand)
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