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Made-in-India Connected Car solution from iWave

Bangalore, April 2 2017: A new class of devices are being developed that capture your cars computer sensor data using your vehicles on-board diagnostic port (OBD II) is available on cars  built in the last few years in India  and on international brands since 1996 and adds a layer of additional features on top.  The port is usually located under the dashboard
These devices turn this information into a resource to help easily understand a check-engine light, adjust your insurance rate based on how/when you actually drive, and create added safety features through tracking and emergency response services.
Bangalore-based product developer iWave Systems Technologies has just launched a made-in-India OBDII device that includes all the latest communication features such as 4G LTE, GPS receiver, Wifi and Bluetooth. This device supports all OBD II protocols and is integrated with Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer sensors. You can track, monitor driving behaviour and car diagnostics remotely from your Mobile/PC etc. Featuring the i.MX6UL processor from NXP, which integrates power efficient ARM Cortex-A7 operating upto 696MHz speed, OBD II is a compact, secure and reliable connected car device.
Features include

  • 4G for Internet/ Cloud connectivity
  • GPS for Car location tracking
  • OBD II Standard Interface Support
  • Secured data Transaction
  • Light and compact
  • Optional Wi-Fi and Battery Support
  • Also suited for applications such as: Vehicle telematics, Emission testing,Fleet management and Vehicle Data Logger
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