Five women-friendly apps

04th March 2016
Five women-friendly apps

1. In My City  2. Udio 3. FitPass 4. Helpchat  5. Voodoo
5 Must have apps to pamper you this Women's Day

 ‘It’s My City’ is the original mobi series presented by NexGTV, Priyanka Chopra & Fluence. The show revolves around the everyday lives and struggles of four young girls – Manika, Sonali, Tina and Nikki – living together in the same flat in Mumbai. Mirroring the reality of our everyday lives, this mobi series captures the highs and lows, trials and tribulations, ups and downs of these girls as they set out to achieve their dreams and conquer the world. In her inimitable style, Priyanka Chopra appears in and as herself assuming the mantle of an official landlady, unofficial guardian and protective friend!
Udio Wallet: A Handy All- in-one-app. There is wealth of apps for women to make their life super smooth.One of them is Udio which has absolutely amazing features to die for. This android app helps a women to shop and pay via wallet which is truly exciting and easy.Women can also use this app to gift their friend vouchers,spa sessions at their much loved hangouts! Every experience with Udio is delightful in this one in all app Udio. 
 Fit Pass to keep the your fitness streak alive: This women's day get access to your pass to workout anywhere, anytime across 1000+ gyms and fitness studios in Delhi NCR. Priced at only Rs.999 per month, fitpass gives its users the flexibilitiy to workout when they want, how they want and where they want.Fitpass users have access to unparalleled variety of choices from Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, MMA, Cross Fit, circuit training, kickboxing, spinning, bootcamp and many many more. Fitpass is an app based service available on iOS & Android.
 Treat yourself like a queen this Women's Day with  Helpchat - India's biggest personal assistant app:  This women's day,discover having a personal assistant which will not only save you time & money but will surely help in multi-tasking daily life. From shopping to laundry, Grocery to local transportation, Beauty care to Healthcare, Heplchat will assist from A-Z- chores of daily life. Apart from it if any one is planning to take a holiday to celebrate this special day, Helpchat will assist in planning one's itinerary and selecting the best travel packages to checking PNR status or doing a web check-in.
Voodoo app for Women who know what is the best bargain for them: Every women love shopping but scrolling online shopping sites again and again seems to be quite boring at times. And if they are investing so much time, patience and money they definitely don't want to get cheated or buy something which is unnecessarily expensive. So on this Women's Day download Voodoo app which will help them out.Voodoo app compares prices across different websites and integrates with all the shopping apps on your device to get the best deals, including exciting coupons for online shopping which saves your time and money. The tendency is to make comparisons across different apps & websites while shopping. This takes a lot of time and the chances of finding the best option are minimal. While Voodoo pops up where the users have missed out and provides the best offer to them, while saving time.
March 3 2016