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Wego app trawls 400,000 hotels

Singapore, September 2 2016: Leading  Asia Pacific travel metasearch site, Wego  has launched an app that helps you search from hundreds of travel sites for hotel and airfares instantly in one app for free.
It helps you save time, pay less and travel more with over 400,000 hotels and hundreds of low-cost and full service online airfares. 
- Both flights and hotel rates all in one app
- Find the lowest online travel prices with real time, unbiased rates and airfares
- Last minute airfares and hotel options in an instant
-Advanced and more personalised hotel sorting and filtering options
- Available in over 20 languages.
- Hundreds of international and local travel partners you know and trust, including Expedia,, Tiger, AirAsia, Emirates and more.
 - Added support for Persian/Farsi language &Iranian currency.

The Wego app is available on iOS apple watch, Google Play store and Android wear for free.
There are currently 34 Wego sites globally, in twenty languages and currencies.


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Wego app trawls 400,000 hotels
by Tiger on March  13,  2017
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