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Skyscanner app offers instant flight price alerts

New Delhi, May 1 2015: Leading global travel search engine Skyscanner,  has launched  an  app for android users around the world to get instant flight price alerts on their mobile device.  It's called  Skyscanner Now.
Available globally in over 30 languages, the Skyscanner Now card will enable travellers to monitor flight prices as they rise and fall on a selected route, to help them make better decisions when booking their flight.
How it works
1.      Download the Skyscanner flight app on your Android mobile or tablet device (available on Android 4.1+ devices). 
2.      Select your preferred flight route or routes and set up a price alert. You can also set up flight prices alert through email, via the Skyscanner website.
3.      Follow the setup process for Google apps to start receiving the price alert Now card on your dashboard, or via email if preferred.

Download the Skyscanner flight app  here.  More info at the Skyscanner blog post



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Skyscanner app offers instant flight price alerts
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