Govt announces 2 tourism & hospitality initiatives

January 23, 2023: 2 govt initiatives
National database set up for hospitality industry
The Ministry of Tourism has set up National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry, (or NIDHI), a technology driven system, to facilitate digitalization and promote ease of doing business for hospitality & tourism sector.
It provides clear picture on the geographical spread of the Hospitality & Tourism Sector, its size, structure and existing capacity so as to offer relevant services to the industry like showcasing, Star Classification etc.
The NIDHI Portal would help in assessing the facilities available at various destinations, requirements for skilled human resources and to frame policies & strategies for promotion  and development of tourism at various destinations. This initiative is being upgraded as NIDHI+ to have more inclusivity, that is, of not only Accommodation Units, but also Travel agents, Tour Operators, Tourist Transport Operators, Food & Beverage Units, Online Travel Aggregators Convention Centres and tourist Facilitators.
The new system also envisages a larger role of the State Governments and union Territories apart from our Industry Associations and other stakeholders.
The portal may be accessed at
Utsav portal to showcase fests
The Utsav Portal, is a digital initiative launched by the Ministry of Tourism, which aims to showcase festivals, events and live darshans across India to promote different regions of the country as popular tourist destinations worldwide.
The objective is to showcase various elements, dates and details of the events and festivals of India on a global platform and increase tourism awareness, attractions, and opportunities by providing tourists with contextual digital experiences in the form of visually appealing photographs and stills from the events.
Additionally, the objective is also to let the devotees and travellers experience and view the sights of some of the well-known religious divine shrines in India in the form of Live Darshan.