An entire street of shops join to create a compelling app to help customers

London, July 13 2014: London's  popular shopping avenue, Regent Street has shown how establishments can come together, leverage  bluetooth and mobile technology, to  attract customers. It has become one of the first shopping streets in Europe to pioneer a unique mobile phone app that delivers exclusive, personalised content to shoppers about what’s on offer during their visit.
The app uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with beacons in each store so that as shoppers walk past, they receive alerts direct to their mobile phone about a range of things, from information about new products and upcoming events to exclusive offers only available to those shopping on the street that day. Beacon technology is a new innovation, which has only previously been tried out  by a handful of individual retailers; this is the first time the technology has been employed across an entire shopping street. The app is free to download from the app store.
As well as providing content, the app is also intuitive, building a profile for each shopper so that the content they receive is tailored to their individual preferences. It will also enable shoppers to better explore what the street has to offer, helping them plan their visits and introducing them to new brands that align with their interests, all while maintaining their anonymity.
We highlight this app to encourage Indian shopping districts to join and create similar shopper-friendly tools.  Delhi's Connaught Place, Bangalore's Commmercial Street, Mumbai's Linking Road, Kolkata's Park Street ? Why not!  
We have experienced a similar collaboration at the VivoCity Mall in Singapore's Harbor Front
    Find the Regent Street app here