Business travel trends in 2022

Leading travel management company BCD Travel, has identified eight trends that will resonate with travel managers and travelers in 2022 and  has compiled them
in a 
new reportBusiness Travel Trends for 2022.
1. The value of business travel is a moving target

Coming out of a sustained period with little or no travel, companies are reviewing the value of sending employees on business trips. Employees value travel for the opportunities presented by in-person meetings with colleagues, clients and business partners. But travel programmes need to find  balance between virtual and
in-person meetings.
2. Environmentally sustainable travel gains traction
The 2021 COP26 UN Climate Change Conference put climate change and sustainability firmly in the global spotlight. Companies are engaging with sustainability, and travel managers are exploring ways to reduce their program’s carbon footprint.
3. New worker expectations demand policy changes
Gone are the times of rigid employment policies for office-based workers. Companies need to adjust workplace policies to the needs of digital nomads and hybrid employees.
4. People risk management goes beyond business travel
An increase in remote and hybrid working demands companies extend their duty to care for employees whenever they are away from the office, and not just when they’re on a business trip.
5. A broader set of risks must be factored in
The risks associated with a global pandemic have dominated people’s minds for two years. As travel returns, it’s important to recognize the other risks to which travel managers and their travellers may be exposed: extreme weather, terrorism, economic risks & security breaches.
6. Cybersecurity essentials are vital
Many travel managers already recognize the importance of cybersecurity, but they also need to protect their company and travellers from active cyberthreats. It’s highly recommended that travelers receive proper security training and follow the right precaution, when taking a business trip.
7. Globalization reset is under way
Business travel patterns may shift soon. Travel managers can have the best of both worlds by selecting travel suppliers with global networks, underpinned by local expertise tailored to the specific needs of employees in each market.
8. Fintech is in focus
Payment and expense are among some of the biggest pain points when managing business travel end-to-end. Adopting fintech-based solutions can help simplify, digitize and automate corporate travel payment and reconciliation and invoice management. 
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