Hotels should back up WiFi, with Citizen Band

24th October 2021
Hotels should back up WiFi, with Citizen Band
Hotel food ordering -- wirelessly

October 24 2021: The need for connectivity in the hospitality industry—for employees, hotel guests, and back-of-house operations—was underscored during the unprecedented time of Covid-19. The wireless industry has moved forward with plans to deploy fifth-generation (5G) services into legacy cellular spectrum, as well as new spectrum including Citizens Band(CB) .
“Mobile apps like contactless journey solutions, as well as panic alert systems for housekeeping, depend on strong ubiquitous networks,” adds Sukhvinder Singh, SVP of information technology at a hotels and resorts S&P 500 company. In the hospitality space, CB can be an important tool that can be used on its own or in tandem with cellular, Wi-Fi, and other network solutions to provide reliable communications to the public, employees, and machines. Most of the mobile applications available on cellular devices today are successful because they use LTE technology, which offers much faster speeds, among other things, than previous generations of cellular. However, these applications are becoming more sophisticated and require more bandwidth. The hospitality industry needs to maintain and ensure robust connectivity where and when it is needed.
During conference breaks or when guests return to their rooms in the evening, the load on the system tends to be bursty, which means sudden high demand for short periods of time, requiring higher peak data speeds. This is exactly the kind of traffic scenarios for which the private networks are designed. Because CBRS spectrum also uses LTE technology, it can offer true mobility, strong security, and higher quality of service than unlicensed Wi-Fi networks.
“Mobile operators are beginning to recognize that a person checking into a hotel is not only a hotel customer, but also a cellular customer,” Singh notes. Source: courtesy ICT Today - ICT Today October/November/December 2021
An amendment to the Use of low power equipment in the Citizen band 26.957 – 27.283 MHz (Exemption from Licensing Requirement) Rules, 2005  was made vide Notification No G.S.R. 35(E) dated 10 January 2007 (published in Gazette of India Extraordinary dated 22 January 2007). This allows free use of Citizen Band in India