Virtual assistants and chatbots for promoting and marketing travel and tourism

July 22 2019: Today, we have an app for almost everything – including doing the most mundane of tasks. The travel industry is no different and is flooded with all kinds of apps from helping users find a one-way ticket with a stopover (Skiplagged), to locating restaurants closest to your boarding terminal and ordering your meal before you get there (Grab).
Travelers are looking for more personalization, and the smartphone is the tool leading us from app-based communication to two-way conversation. Welcome to virtual assistants and chatbots that are set to significantly enhance our travel experience. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of downloading and interacting individually with multiple apps - taxi, hotel, flight, etc., we could interact with just one, AI driven virtual assistant who knew our preferences, upcoming schedule, travel entitlements/budgets and helped plan our entire trip, making taxi arrangements, flight booking, hotel booking, ordering airline/airport food, parking, local excursions, dinner booking and more.
Infosys helps airports and airlines conceptualize and create virtual assistants and chatbots which accompany travelers through all phases of their journey, from trip planning to travel and back. Read details of Infosys technology for travel here

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