CleverTap releases Travel App Benchmark report

August 8 2018: US Silicon Valley-based behavioural analytics specialist, CleverTap,  has released its first-ever Industry Benchmark Report for Travel Apps across user lifecycle stages.
This report empowers mobile marketers to measure how their app is performing against the best in the industry. Marketers can quickly spot the red flags not just across but also in between user lifecycle stages, and get actionable insights to improve their app metrics. 
The online travel sector is seeing massive growth, expected to be worth over $1 billion by 2022. With a plethora of mobile apps available to increasingly tech-savvy users, mobile travel bookings skyrocketed by over 230% between 2015 and 2016 alone.²
But with so much opportunity comes a lot of competition. Over 5% of all apps are travel apps,³ creating an incredibly aggressive marketplace. Rising above the crowd to attract and retain users is a major challenge — which is why mobile marketers must deliver engaging user experiences that drive user loyalty.
So what makes the top performing travel apps so effective? The CleverTap  data science team analyzed over 55 billion events performed on more than 1 billion devices in 2018 to understand what makes the fastest-growing travel apps succeed.

You can download the report here.