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India buys, India sells: eBay tracks the trends

eBay India has unveiled the eBay Census Guide which documents the key findings and trends in online buying and selling across Indians in the Top 20 eCommerce Hubs, 28 States and 7 Union Territories. eBay Census also revealed export trends to 189 countries as well as import trends from 114 countries.

India's Top 5 eCommerce Hubs are Delhi, closely followed by Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai & Bengaluru. According to the eBay India Census,
eCommerce in India is mainstream: India had over 3,296 eCommerce Hubs in eBay Census 2010. All 28 States and 7 Union Territories witnessed eCommerce Transactions. The IT Hubs of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka were the most wired states in India with the most cities where eCommerce originates.
Rural Indians are active online shoppers: Online shopping is active in 1054 rural towns in India. Rural India featured in eBay Census for the second year with rural towns witnessing active buying and selling trends. India's top 5 rural hubs are Ambalapuzha (Kerala), Sajiyavadar (Gujarat), Adala (Gujarat), Abdalipur (West Bengal) & Kangayampalayam (Tamil Nadu).

Global Trade
is well established: India has 545 Export Hubs where Indian entrepreneurs sell a variety of products to millions of eBayers in 189 countries around the globe. Indian exports include stamps, screwdrivers, herbal skin care, designer sarees and ethnic jewellery.
Global Buying or Imports is an emerging trend: India has 1259 import hubs from which Indian consumers import from 114 countries worldwide. India's imports include WWII Photographs, Movie DVDs, Postcards and Collectibles
Category mix - Technology dominates India, Lifestyle dominates Exports & Imports for Indians: Technology is India's favourite traded vertical category contributing to 48% of transactions in eBay Census. The Lifestyle category at 34% came second in popularity for online Indians. For Global Trade, Lifestyle is the clear winner at 63% of Exports followed by Collectibles and Technology at 14% each. In case of Imports, Lifestyle dominated with 43% followed by Technology with 28%.
Region - South buys, West sells: South India has the most active buyers at 38% of all transactions, followed by West India at 28%. West India has the most active sellers at 40%, followed by North India at 37%. In case of Exports, North India exports the most at 52% followed by West India at 31%. While for Imports, South India tops the chart at 38% while North India stood second at 29%.
Bharat, India & Rural India displayed different online shopping behaviour: Distinct product preferences emerged amongst eBayers in Bharat, India & Rural India. Metro India bought party wear, Bharat bought sarees & Rural India bought dress material.
Profit Buying: Entrepreneurship is the new mantra for India as 4 out of the 6 metros -Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata-are all profit buying cities which sold more items on eBay than they bought.
Bridging Distribution gaps: Online marketplaces like eBay help create trade between Rural Towns, Tier 2 and 3 cities and metros as well as Global countries.

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Dec 24 2010