Farm Management: Is it a way to meet the rising demands of Food Production?

By:Sanjay Borkar, CEO and Co-Founder, FarmERP. 
January 21, 2022: The global population is growing with every passing second. With that being said there is an upward spike in demand for food, water, land, energy and other resources. Increased demand for these natural resources in times where they are limited in capacity is a result of lack of management and the overuse and abuse of natural resources. Growing population can naturally be the first counter response to the rising demand for food, although this alone is not the only reason.
Lack of management and abuse of resources have demented the entire ecosystem affecting the demand and the supply chain. Growing demand for food and population has pressurized humans and has further intensified the shortage of resources making it tougher for communities to grow out of the intergenerational poverty, becoming a pain point for the entire ecosystem and the value chain.
The pressure to deliver more has peered the industries into scaling their output to meet the demand which inadvertently has led them into adopting unsustainable practices.
Farm Management is one systematic approach that ensures the demands are met on a sustainable note, resulting in no further damage or abuse of natural resources. Be it producing food, saving water or utilising resources in the most sustainable manner. With proper management and usage of farm management software, issues like rising demand for food, climate issues, pest identification, lack of resources and so on can be addressed in a fairly relaxed manner which can further enhance the way farms are managed and operated, even on a large scale.  
Farming today is more than just sowing a seed and waiting for the harvest to grow. India is an agricultural economy. It is the largest sector of employment and agriculture is also is the most exported product that keeps the nation’s economy running with foreign currencies, helping the country grow on a large scale. India being one of the most populated nations has been facing the issue of high demand in food for years today. And one way to tackle an issue of this calibre is by onboarding a farm management software that can assist in a seamless and an efficient farming process with minimal use of resources, resulting in better quality harvest with less wastage.
Putting a farm management software to use can get Agri-stakeholders and farmers to enjoy steady income, better yield, better economies of scale, more employment and better profitability.

Managing farms and the entire farming process is necessary not only for the development of the Agriculture sector but also for the economy development of the nation, leading to minimal use of resources and increased food security.

Farm Management Software are widely accessible today with its reach spanning agri-stakeholders and corporates facilitating seamless farm management and further addressing the increasing demand for food in the most efficient manner.
To conclude, farm management software is the optimal choice to addressing the rising demand of food. This will not only address the issue in the most efficient manner but will also ensure its sustainable use while enabling companies to maximise economies of scale.

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