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Try these simpler ways to maintain your air conditioner's health

When it comes to air conditioners, prevention is better than cure!
By Naohiko Hosokawa
Director & Business Unit Head-Living Environment Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
August 27 2021: Living in India, an Air Conditioner (AC), without a doubt, is one of the most important investments you make for your home or office space. With weather conditions oscillating every 100 miles in India, the torture of the season varies from place to place. The summers become more discomforting once the monsoon takes hold due to the rapid rise in humidity levels.
Considering the erratic behaviour of summers in India, one needs to question if the AC is doing its bit to provide cool and comfort to us or not. It can be highly inconvenient when an AC does not work properly especially when humidity levels are at an all-time high.
But have you ever thought of changing weather conditions that might disturb the functioning of your ACs? Just like any other appliance, your AC also requires regular maintenance from time to time. An AC that is not maintained starts consuming more energy and does not function as effectively as it should. Without maintenance, even the smallest problem can develop into a serious one that can further lead to decreased efficiency of your appliance.
This is where proper maintenance and timely servicing of Air Conditioners come into the picture. To avoid such a situation, one must be proactive about the maintenance of the Air Conditioners at home as well as offices.
Here are a few ways to maintain and keep you ACs healthy-
1. Air filter should be cleaned on regular basis
Air filters in ACs help in preventing dirt and dust particles from coming into the room. Hence, it should not have an excess of particulate matter. In order to keep indoor air quality higher, air filters should be cleaned on a regular basis. And if not cleaned, it will not only put excessive strain on the AC but also affect your room’s air quality.
2. Clean the Coils
To maximize the efficiency of your system, AC coils need to be clean regularly. AC coils assist the refrigerant in absorbing the heat and cooling the room. So, when the dirt is loaded on the coils, they tend to restrict their ability to transfer heat. This, in turn, consumes more energy. Therefore, it is suggested to clean them regularly to prevent such a situation. Also, it is advisable to get it done by professionals during periodic maintenance due to the sharpness of the coil and risk associated with it.
3. Keep a check on condenser unit fan
The condenser unit of the fan plays a vital role in how well your ACs work. It is important for the AC’s performance as it cools down the refrigerant gas. The condenser unit fan transfers the heat from the refrigerant system into outdoor air, which keeps the compressor from overheating. If it does not work properly, the AC no longer cools the room.
Make sure to call professional experts in case you hear any weird noise coming from your AC as there is a possibility that the condenser unit fan is at fault. The professionals will check for heaviness in the motor or examine any chips or cracks in the blades.
4. Get the condensate drain inspected
A condensate drain is responsible for condensation in your AC. It is important to keep a regular check on the condensate drain, especially during monsoon. The drainpipe may be clogged due to dirt accommodation or water released due to high humidity in the atmosphere. In case, the condensate drain clogs, it will stop drainage. Therefore, all the water should release out from the drain outlet. One should keep a check on it at regular intervals. However, if you notice that the water is not getting drained out, register a service request for an AC professional to come and have a look at it.
5. AC professionals are just a call away; don’t hesitate to call for regular maintenance
Prevention is better than cure, and hence one should call these AC professionals at regular intervals in order to avoid any clutter. Instead of ignoring an issue or putting it off for some other day and then regretting it, it is always better to book a service call and get your AC issues checked by a professional service engineer.
This might not only save you from heavy electricity bills, but it can prevent equipment breakdowns as well. The experts will examine and troubleshoot any issues that your AC unit might have. Proper maintenance from trained experts can enhance the operational efficiency of your AC, thereby offering the utmost level of comfort.