Guide to buying Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

By Pankaj Upadhayay, Founder and CEO, Truke.
August 16 2020: True wireless earbuds are one of the latest innovations that have taken sound enthusiasts by storm. They are convenient to wear and carry, are attractively designed and also deliver great listening performance. So if you are on the lookout for purchasing premium quality true wireless earbuds, you ought to ensure that you tread wisely. They are a gamut of options available in the market and you need to know what serves your music requirements best amongst the lot. The central most reason behind why you need a great quality true wireless earbud is basically the expediency and comfort expended by these marvelous little gadgets, provided you choose carefully. No wires essentially means convenience, say goodbye to the exasperating hours spent on unscrambling the wires of your earphones with the arrival of wireless technology. They are designed while keeping in mind the portability factor, and are much less unwieldy than wired earphones or headphones.
Quality of Sound
Selecting for the optimum wireless earbuds amongst the numerous options available in the market requires you to weigh in these crucial aspects. The most essential and fundamental factor is the quality of sound. All great TWS models sport a harmonized and crystal-clear sound that balances the bass, mid and the treble, the three main sonic frequencies. All good-quality earbuds offer a sound that does not drown any of the instruments played in the background, without either the bass or the treble overwhelming one another.
Next is the wireless reliability factor, as nobody wants an earbud that keeps on getting disconnected. Make sure your wireless earbud utilizes the latest in Bluetooth technology, the Bluetooth 5.0. It offers the four times better connectivity than the preceding 4.2 technology and is also two times quicker. As the technology doesn’t is not attuned to supporting the previous one make sure the TWS you have in mind supports Bluetooth 5.0.
Battery Life and Pricing
Battery life is another important category that you need to judge, before zeroing in on any model.  A single charging session of most wireless earbuds generally ensures that they last for minimum 6 to 8 hours. There are also models that offer features such as 15+ hours of battery life on standby alongside fast charging options that allow you awesome plug and go options. The most pertinent factor when it comes to buying a great pair of true wireless earbuds remains pricing.
After all not everyone can afford dishing out the price for high-end models and companies do acknowledge this fact. But it doesn’t necessary imply that an expensive model is the right one, as there are a plethora of bands extending great options at affordable rates too. It is important to read the list of user reviews of the various models at both the ends of the price spectrum. If you can find an economically-priced earbud that also has great user reviews, you are set to go.
It goes without saying that buying the right TWS model requires the same consumer awareness and insight that is required for buying any general piece of electronic equipment. You just need to carefully evaluate the various aforementioned factors that will help you choose carefully and make an informed choice. 
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