Live video streaming takes off

May 22 2019: Live Video Streaming Platforms India has seen a sudden rise in the video space where people are using existing and trending platform to make their content viral, brands have been using these platforms for promotional purposes.
However, there is a new untapped brand and influencer opportunity that needs to be tapped in the form of Live Video Streaming.
Live video streaming is a way to go online directly and connect with the followers, friends and family members. Many are using this platform to showcase their talent on a real time basis, brands have been using it to stream the event directly on the handsets without being chained to the TV set at home. Where do one live stream without getting buried in the clutter of services? 

1. BIGO Live: The dedicate live streaming platform which doesn’t shift its focus by offering various other functionalities and allows users to connect with the user base of over 200mn on a real time basis. The Singapore based company is also promoting talent and healthy content on its platform. To take things a notch above, the company is training and grooming talent to become next internet sensation.
2. Like: The platform is a direct competitor to TikTok but it also has live video streaming functionality to either go-live or share a custom video on the platform.
3. Facebook: The live functionality of Facebook is also a hit amongst masses as all their friends and family members are there on the platform, however the biggest social media platform is so much cluttered with services that going live or using its functionality is yet to capture the imagination of its user base.
4. Instagram: The Instalive option does give its user base to go live but it has been positioned for photo and video sharing which is so much loved that it is yet to catch the imagination of general user. But for influencers, it has emerged as a platform to go about their dealing. However, it has only 1hr live streaming facility which restricts the masses to go live for longer duration of time.
5. YouTube: The biggest video library on the planet also provides live streaming for upto 8hrs and recent gaming bubble has made it a go to platform to demonstrate their skill to a live audience. The platform has so much for the masses in terms of content that the adoption at the brand level has seen some traction rather than user.

TikTok has been the subjct of some controversy recently  but appears to be making a comeback after putting in place checks against misuse which seem to have satisfied Indian authorirties