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Reliance industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani at India Mobile Congress
Fueling the aspirational explosion of Indians

Keynote address of Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries at the India Mobile Conference on October 25  2018:

New Delhi, October 27 2018: Today, we are living in an India of unprecedented hope and promise…an India that is poised to embrace an immensely exciting future.
Just one data point: In my lifetime, I have always been told that India has the largest number of extremely poor people in the world. But that is NO longer the case today. A World Bank report indicate that India will have fewer than 3% of its population living under extreme poverty by 2021.As per a United Nations report as many as 271 million people have been liberated from the prison of poverty in the last decade alone.
This is a truly historic achievement and the credit rightly belongs to all our citizens. 
Today, India is among the fastest growing large economies in the world. This has happened due to a combination of force-multiplying factors. Most notable among these is the visionary leadership of our Prime Minister  Narendra Modi.
An equally important factor is the contribution of Indian entrepreneurs especially those in the telecom, IT and digital space. Never before has India witnessed such an explosion of entrepreneurial spirit.India has moved from 155th rank in mobile broadband penetration, to being the number 1 nation in mobile data consumption in the world, in less than two years. This is the fastest transition anywhere in the world from 2G/3G to 4G.
By 2020, I believe that India will be a fully-4G country… and ready for 5G ahead of others.  Every phone in India will be a 4G enabled phone and every customer will have access to 4G connectivity.At Jio, we are committed to connecting everyone and everything… everywhere… always with the highest quality and the most affordable price.
I am personally excited about the promise and prospect of bringing Digital Revolution to India’s village to agriculture and rural enterprises… to women… and to marginalized communities everywhere. I am equally excited about connecting millions of small shop keepers in India. The Digital Connectivity Revolution can transform Rural India most comprehensively.
In the past eight months alone as many as 50 million villagers have got affordable smartphones.For most of them… it is not only their pehla phone… but also their pehla radio and music player… pehla TV…pehla camera…and pehla Internet in their lives.Imagine what this 5-in-1 means for the aspirational explosion in India.
And imagine how it can transform India when it becomes 6-in-1, with Indians getting the revolutionary power of pehla Artificial Intelligence in their hands.
All this at only 100 rupees per month. This combination of connectivity with affordability is unparalleled in the world.
I would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Government’s BharatNet program in providing high-quality connectivity in some of the remotest areas of our country.|
This transformation will accelerate as we get ready for a 5G world… driven by the pro-active approach of the Government. 
|With JioGigaFiber… We have now begun an ambitious push in fixed broadband… through Fiber-to-the-home and premise.Jio is committed to building a deep-fibre network across the country… and ensuring that every premise is connected with the highest quality network.
All of us are proud that India has become the world’s largest mobile data consuming nation. We now have a similar opportunity to replicate this success in fixed broadband as well.