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Akshita Gupta, Cofounder, BL Workspaces
AI in the workplace

Akshita Gupta, Co-Founder, ABL Workspaces examines how an Artificial Intelligence enabled workspace to be like
June 16 2018: Co-Working Space is emerging as the core of Indian startups' economy where new ideas and innovation are taking concrete shape. The role of modern technology in shaping the office space ecosystem has been established beyond any doubt whether it is about simply taking the print command or analysing humongous data for a law firm with the help of Big Data Analysis or sorting and managing files for a chartered accountants firm.
Now Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionize the office space especially the co-working spaces where the most ignited and tech-savvy brain works. Let's imagine a co-Working space  fueled by  AI,  where Saina (imaginary name) works for her own startup.
When Saina reaches the office, the necessity of entering her details at the reception desk is being replaced by one click just after entering her log-in details.  She likes flexible office timing  where she  does not feel intimidated by the eye of any lady at the reception desk when she reached office little late. The moment she reaches to her desk the lights get switched on as the switches are enabled with AI simulation for effective use of the energy and to reduce unnecessary wastage. She was all set to start her work  after switching on her laptop because the work schedule has already been planned according to the client priority by the software in her laptop.This  means there is no wasting time in scooping into the dairy pages and planning the day.
Her AI enabled computer connects her with the other team members who are working from other cities because her work requires a lot of communication among  team members. Now she needs a printout but she doesn't want to move as it could break her continuity.  She remembers  TODO -- the robot which makes the life of people working in the office easy. She smiles at  TODO when he brings her printouts but when TODO doesn't react, she realizes that TODO is a machine. Thank God, it's not like the office boy in her previous workspace who use to give her irritated looks when she asked for printouts twice or thrice in a day.
 --  and the same goes with Saina but she is in the workspace where an artificially intelligent stress meter keeps a check on her stress level and orders coffee and juices regularly for her which is then served by TODO. Thank God, there is someone who understands and  is concerned for you without even saying a single word.
Now its 6.30 pm and the moment she clicked "done" on the last item in to-do list her laptop sends her a an alert for  comedy event that is scheduled for late evening.
As soon as she wraps her things and moves from her desk all the lights, and the air conditioning  are automatically switched off. But when she moves towards the exit gate she realizes that light of corridor is  malfunctioning , so she thinks  to raise the problem.... till Jenny  of another team tells  her not to worry because there is an artificially intelligent mechanism which checks on all the devices and raise the issue as soon as any malfunctioning occurs. Then  a  technically equipped robot  fixes all these problems. Saina is about to leave when she sees TODO is still working tirelessly because unlike  the nagging office guy in her last office TODO is never in hurry to close the office.

Now let’s come out from this imaginary office of Saina to understand the real-life scenario of Artificial Intelligence applicability and application in the co-working space. The application of AI  is still at a nascent stage not because co-working   because  the potential of AI is humongous and  its application at the current level is way below its potential. According to  a Mckinsey report,  AI and IoT  will occupy  many positions in the workplace to make the working condition smoother and enable  more effective use of human resources.

ABL Workspaces is always eager to adopt the modern technology to achieve the greater efficiency and effective use of the resources. We are now looking forward to integrate the AI, Virtual /Augmented Reality in our co-working space to provide a better office ecosystem to the budding entrepreneurs working in our co-working space because who knows,  a new Facebook or Microsoft might be taking shape to lead the world in the  coming future in these co-working spaces.