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A lurch from e-commerce to m-commerce!

The logic for mobile advertising lies in the sustained  shift to m-commerce
By Neelam Birthare
March 10 2017: Gone are the days when e-commerce created a hype, m-commerce is the new buzzword.88% of people agree that having a mobile device with real time information makes them more spontaneous with shopping, and in general, more open to discovering new things. Mobile commerce — m-commerce — is the fastest growing retail segment as more shoppers make purchases from smartphones and tablets.
Marketers and consumers are using mobile devices at an ever-increasing rate. Advertisers have so many valid reasons to go mobile for example-on an average, users carry out 221 tasks on their smartphones per day, compared to 140 on a desktop or laptop.
Ad-spend migrates towards customers, when customers are shifting to mobile, it comes as no surprise that commerce is also drifting towards mobile. Brands are focusing on mobile advertising, mobile-optimized websites, shopping apps and digital wallets to facilitate mobile shopping activities.
To make the most from mobile devices, many advertisers are proactively focusing on redesigning and refocusing their display marketing approach. Advertising on mobile and emergence of new ad-technology companies such as MobiVisits, Fiksu and big data driven companies is further changing the outlook of digital marketing scenario.
The handset manufacturers such as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, and Qualcomm are working with carriers such as AT&T Wireless and Sprint to develop WAP-enabled smart phones. Advertisers are adopting to new ways of targeting and programmatic ad-space buying. Mobile ad-technology is one of the fastest and most reliable technical brainchild you have ever heard.
Content has always been the king in advertising, with features like dynamic creatives mobile advertising becomes more logical and emotionally appealing. Users are interested in significant value and to serve such value advertisers need to create high caliber customer-specific content.
Mobile users will do anything and everything desktop users
will do, provided it’s presented in a usable way -
                                       -  Web design consultant Brad Frost
Mobile is a perfect two-way communication channel considered to be the seventh mass-media that has the potential to bind creativity and technology with revenue. It is an ultimate way of targeting high-quality prospects that are seriously inclined to purchase.
The ability of the advertiser to utilize the critical attributes and capabilities of mobile advertising is a key factor deciding a campaign success. The power of data intelligence and machine learning is adding wow factors to the landscape of mobile advertising. Large corporations are exploring the options of personalization tools, hyper-localization and the technological freedom inherent with smartphones and tablets.
An integrated use of technology to establish an emotional connect with the audience helps in creating a brand-image. The responsible usage of interstitial ads as per consumer generated content is an example to quote a smart strategic move used in mobile advertising industry. Advertisers are making advertising more accountable by delivering better user-experience. More and more marketers are becoming aware about the potential of mobile in building a brand value, they are careful about how users want to consume content on mobile
Mobile advertising outweighs other new media because of its reach, scalability and ability to remain staunchly customer-oriented. The influence of mobile ads is depicted in different studies and reports. According to a study published by Nielsen, European mobile users are more likely to take action from an advertisement on their smartphones and tablets. It also suggests that German, Italian and English users, meet the highest rates of clicking on ad.
Mobile advertising works!
The personalization offered by mobile advertising generates a higher quality and volume of engagement from customers. The flexibility to constantly test, manage and optimize advertising techniques and tactics makes mobile a more adventurous and happening podium than ever before. Mobile marketing is already a key driver of sales for many businesses. A direct connection with your customer, which you create by being on their phone, is a precious asset while you are establishing long-term customer relationships.
With a media partner like MobiVisits one can access world-class mobile traffic and many dynamic features of self-serve platform. Exploring the world of mobile commerce with the advent of technology is becoming easier and simpler. It won’t be wrong to predict that the future of digital market is somewhere hidden in the mobile landscape.

Neelam Birthare is PR Manager at MobiVisits, a fast growing Mobile advertising firm &  a mobile DSP connected with 40+ mobile ad networks & mobile ad exchanges.