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M-learning is the way to go

Praveen Rajpal, Founder, CEO and Evangelist, Rockstand Digital, suggests  why mobile  learning is the way to bridge the skill gap

Education industry is said to be one of the most evolving economic sectors in India and is expected to reach a market size of $40 billion by 2017. Though the number sounds impressive, what it is unable to fill is the huge pit that is growing deeper and deeper with time. Approximately 50% of the students are unable complete their primary education. More than 90% don’t complete education at all and the reasons are majorly the lack of infrastructure and unavailability of study material. These causes have proved to be a road block for potential students in the attainment of adequate education.
An emerging aid to this gap between the attainment and availability of effective educational platforms is the virtual education or the m-learning segment which is growing at a rapid pace in the country. The changes that new technology has brought to teaching and learning are well documented. New technologies are now causing an evolution in how people receive, understand, and apply new information, changing student expectations and altering their skills.
E-learning has the potential to reach the most remote corners with just one click.
According to a research by Tata Consultancy Services, about 75% of students go online for over an hour every day. Looking at the population, the available universities are not enough to accommodate all the people seeking education. Going a step further, m-learning- learning on a mobile device, simplifies this process by taking the knowledge to masses with an affordable smartphone, irrespective of the internet connectivity. The biggest advantage of m-learning lies in its ability to cover distances and the. It offers self-paced learning, allowing the learner to understand and study at his individual speed. Once downloaded, the content can be revisited until it is understood well by the student. M-learning, with a mass appeal and reach, has enormous potential to transform the classroom experience and the educational landscape across the country.
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