Outsourcing, offshoring and all that

17th November 2009
Outsourcing, offshoring and all that

The Economist magazine recently carried a special report in its UK editions,  on outsourcing and offshoring ,created by www.outsourcingandoffshoring.com and its companion print magazine,   O&O ( Lyonsdown Media Group). ( Yes, they have a magazine  devoted to outsourcing !)

Among topics discussed: “Defining successful outsourcing” (p3), “Renegotiating existing contracts” (p10) and “Assessing offshore risk”(p22). Outsourcing & Offshoring online:
The supporting advertisers make an interesting line up – they include names familiar in India like HCL Tech and Cognizant. We thought readers will like to see how the world views outsourcing today so here is a link to a PDF of the report.

We lifted this from a mail we received so as payback we also include a link for those who want to rush out and subscribe to their magazine