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India, still bringing up the rear in Net connect speed: Akamai report

Bangalore, Oct 1, 2014: Leading provider of cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications, Akamai Technologies,  has released its Second Quarter, 2014 State of the Internet Report. The report provides insight into key global statistics such as connection speeds and broadband adoption across fixed and mobile networks, overall attack traffic, global 4K readiness, IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 implementation, and traffic patterns across leading Web properties and digital media providers.
The key India finding is that despite having the lowest adoption rate in the second quarter, broadband connectivity in India is clearly improving over the long-term. India’s broadband adoption rate has grown over 5x since the second quarter of 2012 (two years), and over 10x since the second quarter of 2011 (three years). This is expected to accelerate in future with the announcement by Department of Telecom in June to finalize a National Broadband Policy within 100 days. India is in the 5th position for attack traffic originating by IP source. India’s current connection speed is at 2.0 Mbps.
The largest year-over-year changes in broadband adoption rates across the surveyed Asia Pacific countries/regions were seen in the four countries with the lowest levels of adoption. Vietnam led the group, growing 722% year-over-year, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines, which added more than 200% over the past year, and India, which saw a 179% increase.
“The number of ‘firsts’ we’re seeing in the Second Quarter, 2014 State of the Internet Report make this a particularly interesting quarter,” commented David Belson, Editor of the report. “We’ve experienced our first quarterly decrease in global unique IP address counts, the global average connection speed has risen above the 4 Mbps ‘broadband’ threshold, and Akamai’s customers experienced a reduction in the likelihood of repeat DDoS attacks.”
South Korea kept its first place average connection speed (24.6 Mbps) with only a 4% quarterly increase. Impressive 18% quarterly growth for Hong Kong (15.7 Mbps) pushed it ahead of Japan, which now matches Switzerland with an average connection speed of 14.9 Mbps
Data and graphics from the Second Quarter, 2014 State of the Internet Report can be found on the Akamai State of the Internet site .
Link got full report.