Zinnov study shows, for Bangalore young, tablets are for work AND play

Photo:An SAP engineer uses his tablet at work ( Photo: SAP)
Bangalore, March 31, 2014: A  city-specific Survey by  Market Advisory firm, Zinnov,  shows that young Bangaloreans tend to use their tablets, which are often personal devices, for accessing work-related information.
They do not mind making investments that help them perform better at work. A comparison between usage patterns of single and married individuals found that single users are 25% more likely to use tablets at the workplace than married ones, and further that, they give high preference to applications support on their tablets.
Surveying over 850 consumers who currently use, or have used tablet devices in the past, the study offers a detailed analysis of drivers and enablers of the market in the city. This study was conducted amongst individuals across ages, gender, marital status and professions.
According to the report, 49% of all respondents between ages 21-30 use their tablets for work, strongly signifying that the younger generation is leaning towards workaholism. This is further reiterated by the fact that 60% of all men and women use their tablets to access emails, with more percentage of men than women using tablets for work. This shows that the line between professional and personal lives of individuals is slowly fading and the young workforce is keen on being able to work round-the-clock.
Women equally addicted: Another interesting finding of the study was the fact that 72% of tablet owners in Bangalore are addicted to their devices and tend to use them every single day. In fact, 53% of young professionals in the age group 21-30 are unable to let go of their tablets even while traveling and 63% of them have admitted to using their tablet throughout the day, with no fixed time. While the percentage of men that uses tablets at work is higher than that of women, it was found that 24% of male respondents are extremely possessive about their devices, and do not share their tablets with anyone else. The percentage of lone female users of tablets is only half that number, at 12%. Also, 28% of unmarried respondents do not like sharing their tablets with anyone else, even amongst family or friends.
Shopping online and watching movies have come up as two of the most favourite activities for women, while men like browsing the internet and playing games.

Based on their tablet usage patterns, Zinnov has classified users into the following three categories:
Book Worms: Users who use the tablet mainly for reading news and books. The tablet is a direct substitute for a book or a newspaper
Entertainment Junkies: Users who primarily use the tablet as a source of entertainment. Activities involve playing games, social networking and watching movies
Workaholics: Users who use the tablet as a work-utility device. It is mainly used to check emails, for office work, to pay bills, to shop online and to search for information
A cross-vendor analysis found that, Samsung, Acer and HCL users tend to use their tablets for office work than other tablet users. Micromax. Karbonn and HCL tablets, categorised under economy devices are the most sought after devices, bought for kids. Apple users, on the other hand, generally limit usage to home and despite their high price, have surpassed all other brands in delivering high levels of customer-satisfaction with 99.7% users satisfied with their purchase. This was followed by Samsung (97%) and further by economy models – Micromax, Karbonn and HCL devices. Economy tablets drive sales owing to their lower-pricing models, and this directly affected customer satisfaction.

“Customer satisfaction is remarkably high amongst premium tablet brands; such as Apple and Samsung, where purchase decision is primarily driven by technical specifications and hard attributes; but inconsistent amongst the economy brands. Economy tablet brands will need to focus on delivering functionalities beyond basic internet browsing and email access to ensure better customer satisfaction. Bangalore is a highly tech-savvy city, and Bangaloreans are enthusiastic to embrace cutting-edge technology devices,” says Kishan Bhat, Director – Engineering & IT Excellence, Zinnov.