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Networking Bangalore's Brigade Gateway enclave

Bangalore December 9 2012: CommScope's  SYSTIMAX network infrastructure solution,  fuels  the integrated Brigade Gateway enclave  in Bangalore which includes  the 230- room Sheraton Hotel,  the World Trade Centre and the Orion Mall.  How did South India’s leading property developer the  Brigade Group’, go about this project? We bring you an interested study in large infrastructure networking
Headquartered in Bangalore, the Brigade Group is among South India’s leading property developers. Among the company’s most ambitious projects is its 40-acre Gateway development in central Bangalore. Many facilities and services in and around the Gateway development, including security and internet access, depend on reliable, high speed network connections. On the site is the 5-star Sheraton Bangalore, a 230-room, 5 star hotel with restaurants, cafes and a 1,000-seater banqueting hall, as well as 1,200 apartments. The Gateway development also includes the 1.1 million square foot Orion shopping mall and the World Trade Centre Bangalore.

All these buildings are interconnected with each other and with the apartment complex via skybridges. Each of these aspects of the development has its own connectivity needs. The Orion Mall with four floors of retail space offers tenants high bandwidth infrastructure to network their point of sale, stock management and administrative systems. The mall is also equipped with CCTV and security systems.The 32-floor World Trade Centre is nearly 400 feet high. This demands high performance LazrSPEED riser cables to provide all tenants with the bandwidth they need for corporate systems and internet access. The Centre’s network also supports building and access control systems together with management applications in the Brigade Groups’ headquarters, which are located within the tower.

“Our requirements were challenging; we wanted an integrated, high quality solution to serve everything from Guest rooms to the offices of global corporations,” says Subramanya R, DGM-IT (Infrastructure) of the Brigade Group. “Our residents, tenants and hotel guests all need uninterrupted network connections - but the systems they are using range from home computers to multiple servers supporting mission critical corporate databases. “Choosing an integrated, end-to-end infrastructure solution such as the SYSTIMAX portfolio immediately makes installation and management much easier,”  he adds

The Solution aims to help the entire community at the Brigade Gateway to generate new revenue streams, reduce capital and operating expenditure and improve operational efficiency by streamlining the building systems, connectivity, prolonging asset life and management performance through real-time capabilities The 1800-outlet installation was completed by local CommScope BusinessPartner, Epitome InfoTech Solutions. Work was completed against tight schedules with help from CommScope distribution partner, Anixter, who was able to deliver materials on time for each stage of the project.

Infrastructure chosen for the Gateway project includes the highest performing solutions from the SYSTIMAX copper and fiber ranges. For 10Gb/s connections up to 100m, the GigaSPEED X10D solution is used and, for 10G backbone connections up to 550m, LazrSPEED 550 fiber has been installed. The GigaSPEED X10D solution exceeds all specifications of the Category 6A copper cabling standard, guaranteeing full performance even under adverse conditions. Similarly, the LazrSPEED 550 laser-optimized multimode fiber exceeds specifications of the OM4 standard.

Brigade Group choose to use SYSTIMAX Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions, for its new Corporate Office at the prestigious World Trade Center building. This is currently in the deployment phase.

“The infrastructure we now have across the whole integrated urban neighbourhood can support all present and foreseeable connectivity needs,” said Subramanya R, DGM-IT (Infrastructure). “It gives us the bandwidth necessary to support state-of-the-art technology for the needs of all our tenants as well as our hotel guests.”