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Measure end-user experience with Synthetic Monitoring

February 6 2012--Technology performance company, Compuware Corporation has published a whitepaper titled: “The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Synthetic Monitoring.” The paper explores how synthetic monitoring can enable organizations to measure application performance from every vantage point across the application delivery chain.
Wikipedia defines Synthetic Monitoring like this:
Synthetic monitoring (also known as active monitoring) is website monitoring that is done using a web browser emulation or scripted real web browsers. Behavioral scripts (or paths) are created to simulate an action or path that a customer or end-user would take on a site. Those paths are then continuously monitored at specified intervals for performance, such as: functionality, availability, and response time measures.
Synthetic monitoring is valuable because it enables a webmaster to identify problems and determine if his website or web application is slow or experiencing downtime before that problem affects actual end-users or customers. This type of monitoring does not require actual web traffic so it enables companies to test web applications 24x7, or test new applications prior to a live customer-facing launch.

In our mission to keep readers abreast of cutting edge It trends, we bring you a summary and a link to download the full Compuware paper.

A complete view of the application delivery chain is required to optimize the performance and availability of today’s modern web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud-based applications.

Achieving this complete view requires integrating multiple approaches and instrumentation across the application delivery chain to measure the end-user experience.

One of those approaches is synthetic monitoring, which is essential and used to attain mature application performance management capabilities that provide broad end-user experience visibility and deep-dive diagnostic capabilities.
This paper highlights the top reasons why organizations need synthetic monitoring as well as the many benefits that come from using the approach, and how the Compuware Gomez® platform can help.
To download the whitepaper, click here.