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New York Times features Tom Friedman on what stimulates innovation in India

New Delhi Nov 7 2011: New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, focuses on what stimulates innovation in India – and why—in his latest column on November 6, titled “India’s Innovation Stimulus. “India’s young techies are moving from running the back rooms of Western companies, who outsourced work here, to inventing the front rooms of Indian companies, which are offering creative, low-cost solutions for India’s problems”, he writes and cites three examples:
Vijay Pratap Aditya of Ekgaon who has created a mobile phone software to help farmers get cropping information.
K Chandrasekhar of Forus Health who hgas created a portable device to check five eye ailments
Aloke Bajpai of who helps Indians book the lowest fares for journeys by train and bus
We bring you a link to the NYT article: