The Green dossier: Making IT happen for YOU

05th June 2009
The Green dossier: Making IT happen for  YOU

 Green computing is  more than a pious Environment Day mantra. It can be a  hardnosed business imperative  -- and for the ' rest of us' -- some thing to save a rupee here and a rupee there in difficult times.  Recent weeks -- and the just ended Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan, has shown the  IT industry  finally making a concerted push to reduce the    energy required for computing:  the mobile internet device pictured above and unveiled at Taipei last week, uses  the next gen ultra low power chipsets from Intel.  Nividia, Qualcomm and other chip makers have also lined up their own  very low power offerings.  
We won't presume to  preach to you on going green. Rather we'll share with you the links below that should help get a hang of what the IT industry is up to -- and what it is doing for YOU.
Maingear Unveils the “World’s Greenest” Gaming PC.
Reuters: HP Makes Big Additions to Eco Solutions Program
June 5: The Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a global program driven by major IT companies including CSC, Dell, Google, HP, Intel, Lenovo, and Microsoft, has launched its India chapter
IBM-InfoTech Study: Indian SMBs Lead Investment in Energy Efficient IT
Patni ranked as the # 1 Green Innovative IT Vendor by Black Book of Outsourcing
Industry Week: Green Computing More Hype than Reality
Kenexa: Being Green Is Still in Fashion in the Workplace
Green Computing ( from Wikipedia)
HP’s top tips for Green printing
Nokia: Why Recycle?