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Mobile Web, a letdown for Indian users: Compuware

A new survey shows that a significant portion of India’s mobile consumers find the Mobile Web disappointing. Access problems and slow loads are the most common problems which vitiate the phone-based Internet experience.
The independent survey which fuelled the report titled “What Users in India Want from Mobile”, was commissioned by technology performance company, Compuware, querying 4,014 global users, including 500 users in India.

Today’s mobile users in India demand exceptional web experiences and highly satisfying, convenient, on-the-go mobile site speeds regardless of their mode of access. Yet a majority of users experienced slow or unreliable mobile and application performance. Mobile users expect quick, anytime transactions that work flawlessly every time, but as the survey findings illustrate, that’s not what they’re experiencing.

Key survey findings
- Mobile users’ expectations for mobile websites are high with 84% of mobile web users in India expect websites to load as quickly, almost as quickly or faster on their mobile phone compared to the computer they use at home. However, 39% said websites load more slowly on their phone.

- 58% of web users say they expect a website to load on their mobile phone in 3 seconds or less and 81% are willing to wait 5 seconds or less for a single web page to load before leaving the site. Close to 50% are only willing to wait 5 seconds or less for an application to load before exiting.

- 58% of web users in India had a problem accessing a website in the past year and 52% had a problem accessing an app on their phone. More than 93% of mobile web users would access websites more often from their phone if the experience was as fast and reliable.

- Mobile users do not have much patience for retrying a website or application that is not functioning initially - 39% will go to a competitor’s site instead. The majority of mobile web users are only willing to retry a website (68%) or application (77%) two times or less if it does not work initially.

- A bad experience on a mobile website leaves web users much less likely to return to, or recommend, a particular website. Nearly half of the web users (48%) are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone and 57% are unlikely to recommend the site.

“User expectations for mobile continue to increase, but companies in India are not meeting mobile users’ need for fast and reliable experiences. As a result, many companies are failing to take advantage of the opportunities being provided by increased mobile access,” said Neeraj Dotel, Managing Director, Compuware India. Its own solution to help meet user expectations is the integrated application performance management (APM) solution, the Gomez platform. This promises to optimizie mobile and web application performance across the entire application delivery chain, from data centers, through the cloud, to the edge of the Internet.

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September 11 2011