Digital time-pass for flyers!
MINT Pod: preloaded entertainment device for long flights

Mumbai-based technology company Internet Protocol Avenue, has found an interesting niche in which to launch a portable media player, pre loaded with some 30 hours of infotainment: low cost airlines. The airlines biggies all have personal entertainment systems for longer flights, with movies, sitcoms and some news programmes. IP Avenue’s MINT Pod ( for My Interactive Nano TV ) is a media player with a 5.3' inch interactive screen and controls to switch, pause, rewind or ‘action-replay’ across 8 channels of entertainment including , sports, cartoons, travel documentaries or Bollywood fare from Eros Entertainment. It is currently available for hire on all flights of GoAir ( said to be Rs 150) and is expected soon on other budget Indian carriers.

The battery is good for some six hours and hardware-wise the device is powered by an ARM digital signal processor with 128 MB SDRAM and 1 GB of flash memory.

The website,  has a booking button, but we found it does not currently work -- so presumably you can’t order the MINT Pod, only hire one.  Still a canny  case of positioning!  June 10 2011