PC Tools' Spyware Doctor and Antivirus 2011

The Personal Computing protection portfolio from the Australia -based “PC Tools”, were introduced in India late last year. Since then their product portfolio ( see our story “PC Tools lineup for 2011 is here: http://www.indiatechonline.com/pc-tools-2011-india-launch-191.php  ) has been aggressively competing in the market, mostly by word-of-mouth.

We had the chance to evaluate one of their flagship offerings, Spyware Doctor and Antivirus 2011 and after a month’s use on a Windows 7 all-in-one PC, our experience has been very good.

Set up is easy ( we downloaded the software without hassle) and multiple features like an Advanced rootkit detection technology and memory scanner ( to identify and remove hidden threats from your own PC) and Download Guard which checks your downloads against a cloud-based network kick in immediately. A Game Mode detects when your PC switches into full-screen mode for games, movies or presentations and ensures an uninterrupted experience. If you are a laptop user, You can also invoke a Power saving mode to wait till your portable PC is plugged into a power outlet before beginning the more energy-intensive scanning tasks.

Cookie Guard and Site Guard also react in real time and take care of doubtful sites and cookies. We have used almost all the main antivirus and net security products on offer in India – and with every new iteration, some of the best names tend to become faintly irritating with their all-too-frequent interruptions. When one pays money for an antivirus and spyware tool, one expects it to do its job, without bothering you  for a decision, with every perceived threat.

We thought PC Tools’ Spyware Doctor and Antivirus struck a nice balance between being proactive and letting you make the decisions. The product retails for Rs 1174 ( 1 year for up to 3 PCs) if bought online. You can order a CD for Rs 389 extra. A basic antivirus product version can be downloaded for free. http://www.pctools.com/ 

March 7 2011