USB print server from Digisol

The Universal Serial Bus or USB continues to pop up in new computing scenarios to make life just a little easier for system integrators. The latest advance is from DIGISOL the networking brand of DigiLink, which has launched a very compact and easy-to-operate USB print server DG-PS1010U in India. It integrates with a LAN using Ethernet or Fast Ethernet. The DG-PS1010U allows wired and wireless stations in your LAN to access and share a USB printer, no matter where they reside on the LAN.

The DG-PS1010U has one USB 2.0 interface and supports major network protocols like TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, AppleTalk, LPR, RAW TCP/IP and SMB over TCP/IP. One can easily manage the DG-PS1010U using a Windows-based configuration utility that can automatically discovers print servers on the LAN and run a wizard for configuring it. The DG-PS1010U also supports web-based administration. Using a Web Browser on a PC simplifies configuration of the print server. Configuration is also possible using Telnet.

With its USB 2.0 interface and a simple setup process, the DIGISOL DG-PS1010U is a good solution for network based printing for Small and Home Offices, educational Institutions and businesses that need sharing of printers across a LAN.

It costs Rs. 3000. 

December 23 2010