Switch me off! The Logitech M310 can be turned off
Logitech Wireless Mouse M310: On-off switch included

Pricey mouse promises year long service on batteries

Logitech has introduced a new Wireless Mouse in India that comes with its own on-off button to conserve batteries and give uninterrupted usage for one year.  This is not a trivial difference. Most wireless mouse offerings   remian off even when the PC is not working.

The M310, features a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver which promises to work without break or drop outs, even in dense wireless environments.

It also features rubber side grips, a smart sleep mode and an indicator light to eliminates surprise battery failure. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M310 is priced at Rs 1245. That's not exacrly cheap for a mouse -- but  Logitech can charge a premium and get away with it.   We're guessing this mouse is angled at laptop users who are not too comfortable with the buil-in touch pad.

It is distributed by Savex Infomatic in India.

Oct 25 2010