Infinix Snokor earphones and buds: Lend me your ears!

Infinix has launched 3 hearing devices in its Snokor range to suit all purses|

By Anand Parthasarathy

Bangalore November 11 2020: Infinix, better known for its range of value for money smart phones, was a bit late entering the audio arena. But  it has moved double quick to launch a range of earphones and most recently, has unveiled a trio of hearing devices that are tailored to suit all budgets.

 Let me start with the most affordable:  The Snokor Bass Drops is seemingly aimed at those phone owners who are less than happy with the free wired earpieces they receive for free when they buy a new handset.  Bass Drops has a superior bass driver that delivers much better low frequencies than any free give away. Thought has also gone into providing an in-wire slider for volume control. I found this very useful: most of the earphones you get in the box of mobile phones don’t offer a volume control and one has to fiddle with the phone’s limited volume range. So, a definite plus point here. Also featured is a button to play/pause or ‘next song’, again making it unnecessary to find these functions on the soft music player on your phone. All said, this is Rs 799 well spent – actually discounted currently to Rs 499, which is even better.

The Snokor iRockerStix is a true wireless pair of ear buds which connects via Bluetooth very fast to phone or music player and enables good quality calls directly through the buds.  Almost feather weight at 4 grams each, I like the design of the Stix with an easily ‘findable’ button control and a stem sticking out – making it that much easier to keep in place. While one is doing sharp movements while jogging, skipping etc. All controls are via the  multifunction button and once you get the hang of the code—single, double, triple click on left or right button, long or short press – you are all set and can even go into voice assistant mode depending on whether your supports Siri (iOS) or Google Assistant (Android).

The buds themselves are good to go for about 4 hours after which the built-in batteries in the charging case provide another 10-12 hours.  The charging cable is mini Type C on the case side and standard Type A on the power source size.   The Type C means the charging is rather faster than many other TWS BT earbuds.  The asking price is a very reasonable Rs 1499, discounted from the MRP of Rs 1799.

What can I say about the Snokor iRocker Gods, that I have not already said about Stix?  The look, feel and performance is almost identical.  The frequency range is the same: 20 Hz to 20 KH, but the speakers are fractionally larger.

For the small extra asking price, there are a few frills that demanding buyers will appreciate. There is a gaming mode with better latency and this is the first BT earbud that I have tried with this special mode. The batteries they have squeezed into the same (almost) form factor charging case offers double the play time of almost 24 hours compared to Stix. The recharge is extremely fast and does the job in less than 2 hours (I am a bit surprised that this device comes with Type A USB cable when the Stix offers Type C.  For those who are into gaming on the phone or extended day long use of their buds, the   iRickerGods is just Rs 200 more at Rs 1999 – a deep discount from the MRP of Rs 3999.

But either one of them – Stix or God – is a very good buy if you are shopping to buy or gift a pair of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds this festive season.