Asus ROG 3 is a gamer's delight

The first 5-G ready phone optimised for gaming is here

Anand Parthasarathy

August 3 2020: Ever since Qualcomm offered the second iteration of its 5G-ready processor – 865 Plus --  handset makers have vied to harness its superior speed of over 3 GHz in ways that can  make them stand out from the competition.

Asus has seemingly decided that this superior gigahertz burst can best be deployed for the section of users for whom Need for Speed is a never-ending quest: the hardcore gamer. So here comes the Asus ROG 3, the latest addition to the series of phones under the Republic of Gamers branding.


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Beyond the 3.1 GHz clock, the ROG3 deploys other speed-enhancing hardware: the LP DDR5 12 GB RAM and the UFS 3.1 256 GB storage are 51% and 15 % faster than the earlier ROG phone. The GameCool 3 is an upgrade with an enhanced copper vapour chamber and a graphite film under the screen to improve heat transfer, along with a larger heat sink to improve those heavy gaming sessions.  The battery remains unchanged   but generous at 6000 mAH, and you need to use the provided  30 Watt hypercharge adaptor to get the benefit of  QXC (quick charge).  You can also put unwanted apps in hibernate mode during gaming for increased power saving. The refresh rate of the 6.9 inch AMOLED HDR display is 144 Hz, normally associated only with gaming PCs and laptops.

Though gamers typically don’t bother too much about on-phone cameras, the ROG 3 nevertheless offer a very decent 64MP high resolution rear lens with a 13 MP – 125 degree ultra-wide angle and 5 MP f 2.0 MP macro. The selfie or front camera is 24 MP   equivalent to a 27 mm lens.  With this arsenal one can record game at 4K with either camera, while the rear is capable of 8K shoots at 30 fps.

While the OS is mostly stock Android 10, Asus has added gaming-specific apps from ArmoryCrate. Thought has gone into the ergonomics of gaming on a phone with near-console feel of the controls with dual hair triggers to map different functions; dual stereo front facing speakers with DIRAC technology from Sweden with a Game Mode to enhance the sound effects. There are 2 USB Ttype C ports for easy access in both vertical and horizontal modes and a USB to 3.5 mm headphone converter jack is provided.  The phone weighs 240 grams… manageable for steady gaming.

Combines WiFi & cellular

One interesting and useful feature, is the ability of the phone to switch from cellular to the 4-antenna WiFi to assure maximum speed during gaming sessions. Additionally, one can also effectively combine the two streams for even faster bursts… yet another feature that may provide the critical edge in an intense gaming contest.

While the 12GB/256 GB variant of Asus ROG 3 costs Rs 57,999, the 8 GB/128 GB costs Rs49,999. There is a 16 GB/ 512 GB version but it is not currently on sale in India