Prestige introduces domestic electric mop

May 12 2020: Prestige Clean Home has  launched India's first  domestic electric mop to ensure that your floors at home are spotlessly clean. The mop is designed to perform multiple  tasks – from deep cleaning of your house to removing tough dirt to sweeping, mopping and scrubbing the floor.

Fitted with a spray mechanism, the eco friendly mop uses very little water and helps you avoid touching and spreading the dirt. The mop is equipped with an extra-long cord that can be taken around easily to clean larger areas and can be used on granite, mosaic, marble, tiles and wood flooring. The detachable bottle can be filled with fresh water or cleaning solution before every use.


For a few days see an explanatory video in our tech video spot on the home page


During the cleaning process, the in-built spray releases the optimum amount of water making it the most hygienic and efficient way of keeping a home clean. The mop is light enough to be carried around and is easy to store. It is available for  Rs 8495 in all Prestige Smart Kitchen stores across India and in leading ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. ( This in not a formal review  but a report based on manufacturer inputs)