Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar: Sheldon's spot!

Fans of 'Big Bang Theory' will be familiar with Sheldon Cooper's seating spot. Sennheiser is redefining it.

Bangalore, February 8 2020: German sound experts Sennheiser recently launched their flagship AMBEO soundbar in India. One of its salient features is the advanced room calibration, which optimizes the sound for the individual room and your preferred seating location. In other words, you place the microphone calibrator exactly at your 'spot' and Sennheiser's advanced algorithms will optimize sound output for that spot. Of course, if you change your spot, you need to re-calibrate. The best thing about it is the fact that the calibration takes just under 3 minutes. Sheldon would love that! Sennheiser's software performs a smart analysis of your room by capturing the exact distance between the soundbar and the walls, intelligently understands the material of the walls and windows -- such as reflective wood versus non-reflective cloth curtains), and optimizes frequency based on your spot.  

The AMBEO soundbar is among the first in the world to churn out 3D sound from a single source. Underneath its brushed aluminium surface, the AMBEO soundbar is powered by 13 drivers for enhanced fidelity, clearer dialogues and heavier bass. In-built with a 500W class-D amplifier, the soundbar is the world's first 5.1.4 channel home product. It is compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and MPEG-H. It is interesting how this product is able to deliver all-around sound, and does justice to Dolby Atmos content, by actually throwing at you, sound from the top, bottom and of course the sides. Without having to install speakers on top or sides, the AMBEO soundbar is able to help you perceive sound coming from all sides. Powered by its smart control app for iOS and Android, the device comes with in-built Google Chromecast, Bluetooth, multiple HDMI ports and preset performance modes. It is currently available at a price of Rs. 1,99,990.VISHNU ANAND